About Light Fidelity (LiFi):

  • LiFi is an revolutionary high speed internet technology similar to WiFi.
  • LiFi Technology refers to light fidelity that transmits the data over LED lights/ bulbs.
  • This technology have demonstrated the speed of 224 Gbps in the labs which is 100 times faster than WiFi speed.
  • LiFi beacons cannot pass through walls, so LiFi technology is much more secure.
  • Li-Fi is now an international standard, opening the doors for lots of new and exciting products in coming future.
  • LiFi technology also started using outside the labs in Tallinn and Estonia offices.
  • iOS code also indicates, LiFi support might be included in future iPhones.
  • LiFi market is expected to grow with CAGR 87.313% from 2016 to 2022 and will become $113 billion dollar industry by year-2022.


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